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Welcome to Smart Cleaners, Monterey, CA’s premier 24-hour express dry cleaner. Our state-of-the-art facility operates exclusively on smart technology, offering self-service machines for your convenience. At Smart Cleaners, we prioritize the best in garment care by utilizing GreenEarth Cleaning, the safest and most eco-friendly dry cleaning method available.

We specialize in a wide range of services, including dry cleaning, household textiles, formal wear, and even delicate items like suede and leather. Our innovative approach ensures that your garments receive the utmost care while being gentle on the environment. Experience superior dry cleaning services with our smart, green, and efficient cleaning solutions. Visit Smart Cleaners in Monterey today and discover the future of garment care.

Our Smart Technology

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At Smart Cleaners, we are proud to be powered by GreenEarth Cleaning, the most eco-friendly dry cleaning method available. Our process uses liquid silicone, a gentle yet effective solution that cleans garments to a pristine finish without harming the environment. GreenEarth Cleaning not only gets your clothes impeccably clean but also keeps them brighter and stronger for longer. With Smart Cleaners, you can trust that your garments will look their best and last longer while we do our part to protect the planet. Experience the difference where innovation meets sustainability.



Featured Services

At Smart Cleaners, we offer comprehensive dry cleaning services tailored to care for all your garments, from everyday wear to special occasion attire. Our expert team specializes in cleaning and preserving suits, leather and suede, silks and satins, and cashmere, ensuring each item receives the utmost care and attention. We also provide meticulous wedding dress cleaning and preservation services, helping you cherish your memories for years to come. Trust Smart Cleaners to handle all fabrics of life with the highest standard of quality and care.



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We offer 24 hour express dry cleaning pickup and drop off.